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Kabul Afghanistan Royalty Free Photographs and Stock Video Footage from Kabul Media: 2,000 images and 305 video clips.

News, Editorial, Educational, and Commercial / Advertising mix.

Available especially for nonprofit use, educational content, and other such "fair use" productions.

The Kabul Media library currently has 2,000 royalty free stock photographs and 300 stock video clips with ambient sound from Afghanistan.

Afghanistan stock photography and Afghanistan stock footage with sound - available right now.

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If you've been searching for "photographs afghanistan" or "photographs kabul" to find a certain royalty free image for your project, you have come to the right website. All our clients tell us that our royalty free photos and stock footage are perfect for their Afghanistan projects.

Click Here for Afghanistan royalty free video footage.

Click Here for Afghanistan royalty free photos.

After searching everywhere else our customers tell us that the volume of stock photographs and stock video footage in the Kabul Media library and its immediate availability is perfect to meet their needs.

You would have to pay a lot of money to go get this content in Afghanistan yourself or to get this much content from other companies selling royalty free images and video footage.

Royalty free Afghanistan photographs and video footage are right here. Most of this digital content is from Kabul, in other words Kabul photographs and Kabul video footage. There is some content from Jalalabad and villages, but most of it is from Kabul Afghanistan.

Visit our web pages dedicated to the content you need, either stock photographs or stock video footage.

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Categories include men, woman, children, city street scenes, war damage, military, animals, craftsman, boats, rural scenes and more.

There are lots of close-up pictures of faces.

This is a library of Afghanistan royalty free pics and footage and sounds. Afghan people and places. Action. Real life. Not scripted and staged.

This library of Afghanistan royalty free stock photographs and Afghanistan royalty free stock video footage can be used for educational, nonprofit, and news.

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They can be used for commercial and advertising too. I don't have model releases from any of the people. So please use your own judgment, as you know your own industry and content needs best.

Most of the Afghanistan stock images and Afghanistan stock footage are of civilians. But even the military images are Afghan military, not foreign troops in Afghanistan (although I think there are a few shots of French or German troops hanging out in Kabul).

All the Afghanistan stock photographs in the library are 2272 x 1704 pixels or 2048 x 1536 pixels, about 9 MB or 11 MB each. They are either tif format or jpg format.

All digital Afghanistan stock video footage is standard 720 x 480. They are in avi format on the DVDs. The average length of the clips is 14 seconds.

Go to each of these pages for more information.

Photos, royalty free: stock photographs page

Video footage, royalty free: stock video footage page

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Afghanistan royalty free image, camel, burka, women, man, melon, children, girl, boys, war damage.
Afghanistan pictures
Afghanistan, camel, burka, women, man, melon, children, girl, boys, war damage.