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Kabul, Afghanistan | About Us

Kabul Media was established in 2002 by John Marion. John lived in Afghanistan in the mid-1990's, working with a non-governmental organization (NGO) delivering relief, medical care, humanitarian aid, and offering community development assistance to the war ravaged nation.

John also conducts cultural awareness training seminars. The seminars are designed to help participants understand the basic world-view and culture of Afghans as well as how to effectively interact with people in Afghan society.

Since 2001 John has been traveling to Afghanistan assisting in business and development projects with various companies and NGOs. 

One such project is focused on bringing affordable video production services to NGOs with limited budgets. The productions help donors understand the needs of Afghanistan and the success of the projects.

Over the last several years, Kabul Film and Media has used a number of video and still photographers to create a large library of Afghanistan royalty free photography.

We are now making sections of the Kabul Film and Media library available as royalty free content, Afghanistan stock photos and Afghanistan video footage with sound.

John has a web blog here.