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2009 06 17 2348

I have developed an extensive network of trainers to assist with Afghanistan Cultural Awareness Training.

2008 12 04 0250

Today I was telling stories about Landi Kotal to a friend.

2008 07 23 2320

Kabul Media Affiliate Program is beginning to launch. Check back soon for more details.

2008 06 20 1349

The Kabul Media website is undergoing significant Search Engine Optimization improvements. I'm expecting a significant increase in web traffic the last half of 2008.

The Afghanistan Cultural Awareness Training is also available now. Go to the training page for details.

2008 06 14 2121

Over the last couple of years I've run into quite a few Pashto and Dari linguists. A lot of them want to get literature in those languages to help them in their language studies. New Testaments are available in Dari and Pashto and seem to be quite popular among the linguists. I've heard that the entire Bible will soon be available in Dari. A good source for these books is here.

2008 05 30 1718

A Google search these days reveals that there are a lot of pictures of Kabul, Afghanistan these days. Most of it isn't true royalty free content. The Kabul Film and Media digital photograph library contains thousands of 100% royalty free pictures.

2008 02 15 2059

An project that I've been developing for some time is the creation of Afghanistan cultural awareness training. I'll launch this project soon and will make an announcement about it on Kabul Media.

2007 09 09 2257

There are now well over 1,000 digital photographs of Afghanistan in the Kabul Film and Media digital photograph library.

The Afghanistan photographs come on 2 DVDs and can be ordered by going here: http://www.kabulmedia.com/order.htm.

Some of the photographs are unsorted but most are categorized under these topics:

animals (some good camel shots)
boats (yes, we really have a few pictures of boats in Afghanistan on the water!)
brick kilns
creative & strange (some of these are blurry shots but interesting enough not to discard, so they are included in the library as extra photographs)
Kabul Airport
Kabul shot from a high place overlooking city
Kabul gorge
Kabul Hotel & Kabul Museum (a few shots of each from outside, Kabul Hotel shows damage from the Mujahadeen wars)
Kabul Zoo
landscape and scenery
presidential palace (heavy war damage)
religious (just a few shots)
street scenes
war damage

2007 04 29 1821

Contact me for more information about Afghanistan royalty free content.

2006 08 23 0141

The 5 volume set of royalty free video footage from Afghanistan is packaged and ready for delivery. It's here: Afghanistan Royalty Free Digital Video Footage, 5 Volumes, 305 Video Clips.

2006 06 21 1056

There are more video clips from Afghanistan that I can put in the Kabul Film and Media digital video footage library. I just need to find the time to edit and organize everything. As this is not my main business, it's hard to find the time.

2006 05 21 2154

More people are finding the web site for Kabul Film and Media and asking me about the photographs.

2006 05 05 1138

I'm now making the Kabul Film and Media library available especially to nonprofit organizations. As a matter of fact, I've decided to donate the entire library to a nonprofit organization who will now control the distribution of the content, the digital photographs and the digital video footage.

2006 03 03 1721

Special deals for certain segments of the Kabul Film and Media library photograph library or video clip library can be arranged. Photographs of people, terrain, buildings and architecture have appeal to some people while video clips of establishing shots have appeal for some broadcasters and producers.

2006 02 13 1210

SNOW! We got at least 10 inches where I am and on the radio this morning I heard that New York City got 27 inches! I'm going to have to watch that on the news tonight.

2006 01 30 1419

I hope to revise and refine the content film and photograph libraries soon.

2006 01 25 0137

Someone asked if Kabul Film and Media has digital video footage of American military searching homes in Afghanistan. The answer to that question is no. I'm sure the hunt is on for Osama Bin Laden, al-qaida, Taliban, Mullah Omar, and other assorted terrorists in Afghanistan, but Kabul Film and Media doesn't have any footage of the U.S. Army, special forces, or any American military in Afghanistan.

Most of the footage in the Kabul Film and Media video library contains clips of everyday life in Afghanistan. A partial list of clips in the video library is here. There are over 500 clips but right now I've only got descriptions of 305 clips with in the list. The rest will be posted soon.

The video library is ideal for productions that need to show everyday scenes in Afghanistan. A number of clips show people working, such as carpenters, tailors, merchants, and construction workers to name a few. These are great to use to depict the rebuilding efforts going on in Afghanistan.

2006 01 18 1101

The United State Postal Service has raised the price of a first class stamp from 37 cents to 39 cents. So sending out the Kabul Film and Media DVD of royalty free photographs and video clip samples now cost more. I'm about to head to the post office to mail out some samples right now.

2006 01 16 2200

I need to replace my scanner. The last several days I've been trying to make up for the lack of a scanner by using my digital camera, a Nikon CoolPix 4500. It worked ok for what I needed to do but it would have been better to use a scanner. I had an Umax scanner for several years but it recently just stopped working. It was an old model and I was ready to upgrade it anyway.

2006 01 11 0935

The video clips in the Kabul Film and Media video clip library are in AVI format. This is the uncompressed format of the clips taken directly from the original Sony DV tapes. The video clips are arranged on DVDs in folders like any other files on your computer. This means you merely have to copy the AVI video clips onto your hard drive to immediately begin using them on the timeline in your video editing software.

2006 01 09 1037

I'm back after some traveling. I hope to take some good photographs of a bridge in the next couple of weeks for a photo contest on the internet. I haven't decided which bridge to photograph yet, but there are two small foot bridges near my home that I might shoot.

Even though I solved the editing challenge mentioned in the 2005 12 26 2107 entry, I have decided that for the video I'm producing it's actually better not to have four clips on the screen at the same time. I'm sure I'll use the technique in a future production, so it wasn't time wasted in solving that particular challenge.

2005 12 30 1355

I've been trying to use Google AdWords to drive traffic to the Kabul Film and Media website. I've had some success, but it takes time to refine the keywords for the best results. When anybody needs Afghanistan royalty free content, they should end up somewhere on http://www.kabulmedia.com. I have some keyword searches pointing to the the home page or the photograph page or the video clips page.

The results with Yahoo! Search Marketing has not been good at all, mainly because of the difficulty in using their online interface. Compared to the Google AdWords program, Yahoo! Search Marketing is cumbersome. Time will tell if it's worth using in the long run.

Now, how to move the free search results in Google for Kabul Film and Media to the top?

2005 12 29 1914

Working on the intro for the new Kabul Film and Media promotional video. I decided to do a new one using a Digital Juice Jump Back animation from Volume 7, High Impact V.

2005 12 26 2107

Today I am close to solving what has been an editing challenge. I'm putting four video clips on one screen. Getting it just right has been trial and error. I'm using Adobe Premiere 6.0.

4 video clips, men working on auto part, bicycle tire repair, blacksmiths striking red hot iron, boy with tray on head

It's almost right. I need to tweak it a little bit more and then I'll use the setting as a template for the rest of this part of the production. To do this I stacked four clips on four different tracks. Then I used the video motion edit window to set zoom at 50%. Then, and this was the hardest part so far, I had place them in the four corners of the screen. 

It sounds easy, but to get them exactly right involved a lot of trial and error. Here are the four sets of numbers I have for them now: upper left: left -19.9, up -14.7; upper right: right 19.9; up -14.7; lower left: left -19.9,down 15.7; lower right: right 19.9, down 15.7.

And there's also a fifth clip playing behind them that I covered 25% at a time as each clip appears over it. The four scenes will change rapidly for a while. Then the four clips will be removed one at a time to reveal the underlying clip again.

I'm using a music track from Digital Juice Stack Traxx 2: Power Stacks. I'm using the full length version of Air Elemental in this section of the video. The introduction to the video includes short burst of some of the single instruments from this music. Stack Traxx is great for this purpose. More on that another time.

2005 12 24 1538

I've been reading and participating in two online discussion forums, one for still photography and the other dedicated to digital video. Last week I was converting footage from Sony Hi8 to DV and I'm learning that I'm not the only one out there doing this. My Sony Hi8 is the TR2000E which shoots in PAL so I'm using my old AIWA multi-system converter to transfer the footage to DV.

2005 12 23 0951

Now I find my self looking at the portfolio of Ansel Adams. And I'm wondering if I met this guy in Afghanistan.

Ansel Adams Photographer

stock photographs afghanistan, man, beard, turban, eyes. close up


2005 12 22 2359

Ok, so I've decided to start my own blog right here. Everyone else online seems to be doing it, so why not me?

Here's a couple of vendors I use to buy products for my photography and video editing needs:

Digital Juice, has animated motions called Jump Backs, royalty free music, video and stills. For music I use Back Traxx 1 and Stack Traxx: Vol 1, Extreme Stacks; Vol 2, Power Stacks; Vol 3, Serious Stacks, and Vol. 4 Smooth Stacks. I think the two music tracks in the Kabul Film and Media promotional video is from Back Traxx 1.

B&H Photo-Video, is a great source for professional equipment. I've bought stuff for my sound room, video equipment, headphones, and  Sony DV tapes to name a few things.