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License Agreement and Legal Contract

My attorney who specializes in copyright law told me to go ahead and market the Kabul Media digital content of photographs and video footage. If you're seeking a particular type of use, license agreement, or legal contract, please contact me and I can have our copyright lawyers write something up that suits your needs.


The content of the Kabul Film and Media photographs and video footage is protected under U.S. federal copyright law and international law. The content cannot be resold in whole or in part or made freely available to others, which would be a copyright infringement.

You are buying the rights to use the Kabul Film and Media content in your own productions that you create. Your productions containing Kabul Film and Media content can be sold by you as part of a larger creative work. This is a non-transferable license agreement between you and Kabul Media.


Although a large amount of content in The Kabul Film and Media library can probably be used for commercial and advertising purposes, the library of digital photographs and video footage is being made available especially for non-commercial use. Non-commercial use includes things like news, education, nonprofit, humanitarian, scholarship, and other such "fair use" productions.


Here's how the digital pictures and video footage in our library should not be used. The people and places shown in the images have all been victimized by years of war and tyranny. I know the people and the culture and I've lived among them for years. They are my friends.

So I'm prohibiting the use of the Kabul Film and Media library in the following ways. I'm using plain English to tell you what I mean. If you feel we need to bring in the copyright lawyers and the intellectual property lawyers to help you better understand what I'm saying, please contact me and I'll get something written up for you using formal legal language. There should be no reason for any copyright litigation.

Here are my prohibitions for using the Kabul Media content:

The images of the people are never to be used to imply that they are terrorists, criminals, drug addicts, or enemies of anybody.

The images of the blind, handicapped, and lame are not to be used to exploit the people.

No defamation of character or derision should be cast upon any of the subjects in the pictures and video footage.


There. That's about it. The pictures and video footage can be used freely for educational, news, teaching, and nonprofit content. Much of the content can be used for advertising and commercial use also. Just keep in mind the RESTRICTIONS ON USE mentioned above and that you are buying the rights to use material protected by copyright law for your own productions that you create.

This is a legal agreement. I'll include a copy of this when I send you the DVDs.

This license agreement is applicable at the time you buy the Kabul Film and Media library of digital photographs and video footage. This might change from time to time. So if you're reading it now and come back later to buy a set of DVDs, please come back to this page first to see if we have made any changes.

Today is December 2, 2008.