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Technical, editing, production and shooting notes for Kabul Media Stock Video Footage Library

The stock video footage in the Kabul Media Video Library was shot during several trips to Afghanistan between March 2002 and September 2003. These notes give detail about the photographic equipment, editing software, production techniques, clip length, and ambient sound used to create the Kabul Afghanistan stock video footage.

Photographic Equipment and Supplies

Most of the Kabul Afghanistan stock video footage was shot with a Sony TRV950 Digital Video Camera.

Sony DVM60EXML Excellence Digital Video Cassettes were used to shoot the footage.

I used a SLIK Master Classic tripod which proved to be a solid base for the Sony TRV950 and yet was easily and quickly moved to take advantage of the best shots and move on to the next subject.

Some footage was shot with a comparable Panasonic digital camera as a back up, but I don't remember which model the other video photographer was using. Very little footage from the Panasonic is in this library, as the other photographer was there to back me up and got much of the same footage as I did with the Sony TRV950.

Video Editing Software

All the the clips were captured using Adobe Premiere 6.0 at my studio in Virginia, USA. They are standard 720 x 480 in avi format on DVDs arranged in normal folders like other files on your computer. This way it should be very easy to copy what you need on your hard drive to start editing your project right away with the Kabul Film and Media Digital Video Footage Library.

Shooting and Video Production Techniques

I usually tried to get footage of themes and subjects from various angles, starting with an establishing shot and then getting medium, close and sometimes very close.

I kept the video editing process in mind when shooting. So in creating the clips for this digital video footage library, I tried to keep the clips as long as the original shots.

For every different angle shot, the white balance was reset to compensate for the changes in lighting.

Stock Video Footage Clip Length

Most of the 20 to 30 second clips actually contain several possible 6 second or 10 second clips that can be used. Most of the clips in this library will give you lots of options for where to make cuts and use dissolves.

In making the decision to place longer clips in the library, a small percentage of clips will show camera movement at the end of a clip. This doesn't occur in many clips. 20 frames at 30 frames per second in a 15 or 20 second clip doesn't mean much other than editing it out. I just decided to give you the whole clip in these cases.

See the Video File List page for length of individual clips.

Ambient Sound / Royalty Free Audio

I'm keeping the ambient sound with each clip. If you use the natural sound track in your editing like I often do, this is a great bonus feature.

Although in a few cases you might hear people talking behind the camera or wind in the microphone, in most cases you are getting the natural sound track of what you are seeing and the surrounding sounds.

You may find some of the sound tracks to be suitable background for your non-Afghanistan related productions too.

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